Please make your selection below for the 2019 President's Latino Advisory Committee Scholarship Awards Dinner. 

The event is being held Tuesday, May 21st at the Creveling Lounge on the PCC Campus, starting at 6:00 pm.  


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The President's Latino Advisory Committee hosts its annual Scholarship Dinner to recognize outstanding students.
Tuesday, May 21, 2019 at 6:00 PM

“I realized that as a non-traditional student, I have the wisdom to change because it is never too late for positive change”. This scholarship recipient graduated from a local high school in 1996 and worked for 15 years before being laid-off. Faced with unemployment and raising two children on their own, they decided to take the leap and return to school and pursue a degree that would allow them “to flourish in the future”. Here at PCC, they developed a love for environmental causes and completed an Associate degree in business administration. They are now at a local university and that much closer to their ultimate career goal of developing sustainable community housing.


President's Latino Association Scholarships

I am determined to be one of the examples to show our community is working towards something great”. This scholarship recipient is dedicated to pursuing a career in computer information systems and working at a federal agency. However, they often sat in computer courses where no one else shared their background. They persisted due to their participation in a student organization, and because pursuing a major in computer networking involved “constantly changing the stereotype about Latinos or Mexican-Americans that is embedded into society”. The scholarship they received helped alleviate the financial stress associated with being a major contributor to a household of seasonal workers, and ease their transfer in Fall 2017.


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